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Circus work

Circus Work

hard and soft covers: 143 pages

b/w photographs

Essays Bruce Bernard (forward)

Peter lavery (photographers notes)

Publisher Handheld Publications

Language English

ISBN - 0 9529647 0 8

24 x 30 cm

"Early in 1971, I began begging lifts and sleeping rough in travels that took me all over Great Britain to visit circuses. I bedded down in fields and under wagons and sometimes even in them. On one occasion, the most comfortable pallet I could find proved to be in the straw of an empty lion's cage. Most of the time, however, the cages were occupied by lions."

Peter Lavery



304web size.jpg

of humankind

Hard cover  141 pages

b[w photographs

Essays Robin Muir (forward}

Peter Lavery (my portraits}

Publisher Kruse Verlag, Hamburg

Language German, English


24 x 32 cm

"Pervading all the pictures in this book is that sense of wonderment surely experienced by those pioneering travellers who first brought back haunting documents from far-off places. Lavery's portraits remind us of Cartier-Bressons remark that photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and which no contrivance on earth can bring back."

from the foreward 'Of Humankind' by Robin Muir


Circus_Visual_web size.jpg

Circus Work 1968 - 2018


hard cover 190 pages

b/w & colour photographs


"Bruce Bernard called Peter a master photographer and he did not say so lightly. Bruce never said anything lightly. With his customary inscrutability, he observed, ‘it would have taken a really great photographer, perhaps an André Kertész to equal or surpass what Lavery has done.’ How pleased but how unsurprised he would have been to discover that, some twenty years later, Peter has done it again."

Robin Muir Circus Work 1968 - 2018




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