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                 THE WORKBOOK DIARIES

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July 2015

Out of reach, high up on the top shelf of my camera equipment cupboard, gathering dust, are my shoot Workbooks.

There are 61 of them in total consisting of the film exposure technical information with my working polaroids for guidance. 

I call them my 'Work Book Diaries'.


It was 2015 and having made some time to have a studio clear out I stumbled across these little gems. I forgot all about my ascribed task, and for the next four or five hours I found myself tumbling down a rabbit hole, traveling further and further back through time. 



The studio remained ‘uncleared’ but I decided there and then, that it might be of interest to this digital world to assemble some of the analogue campaigns and projects that I have worked on over the years and compile some of the stories behind each from all of the people involved. Assistants, artists, art directors and friends. 

These were the days when agencies and newspaper art departments ‘biked over’ their layouts - In the 1990’s Fax machines came along and enabled this information to be received by everyone concerned within minutes and at little cost, all hard to imagine in this digital age.


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